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When is the 2022 NFL Draft?
The 2022 draft is scheduled to be held April 28th through 30th in Las Vegas

What is the layout of the 2022 NFL Draft?
Round 1:  Thursday, April 28th  (8:00 PM and on NFL Network/ESPN)
Rounds 2 & 3:  Friday, April 29th  (7:00 PM NFL Network/ESPN)
Rounds 4-7:  Saturday, April 30th  (12:00 PM NFL Network/ESPN)

Who owns the top 5 selections in the 2022 NFL Draft?
#1:  Jacksonville Jaguars (3-14 in 2021), with a franchise QB at the helm and new football administration coming in
#2:  Detroit Lions (3-13-1 record), looking for a QB, but unlikely to take one at #2 as the value will be at Edge-rusher
#3:  Houston Texans (4-13 record), many areas need improved and where are they at with QB Watson.  New Head Coach coming in
#4:  New York Jets (4-13 record), have needs at DB and WR, but with a QB in place & better O-line, appear to be improving
#5:  New York Giants (4-13 record), oh how fun the draft would be if held in New York with these two teams picking 4 and 5.

Interesting Tidbit?
The Philadelphia Eagles own three selections in Round One of the 2022 Draft. No. 15, No. 16, and No. 19.
No doubt they'll somehow become active in moving up and/or moving down with those selections

Best site to visit for all things draft?
Easy answer - it's The Huddle Report, building the best draft interactions and community since 2001

Friend of this site?
Those guys over at NFL Rough Draft, Mike and Ray, have been great friends
of this site over the years.  They do a remarkable job with their coverage...
Oh, and they have this thing called spot-on accuracy on projections