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02-19-18:  Top 100 Refresh...   Value Boards will soon be uploaded (early March) along with weekly Top 100 tweaks...
As always, looking forward to the NFL Combine from March 2 - 5.

01-20-18:  Top 100 Update:  LINK
The Pre-Senior Bowl update of the rankings have taken place within the in-house dungeon of the DraftBoardGuru website!
Much of the rankings have stayed the same, with Barkley the overall #1 prospect in this year's draft class.  Josh Allen still stands
as the top QB and will be given the chance to keep that spot throughout the Senior Bowl, Combine, and workouts.  This draft class
has what I would term "BALANCE."  Some years will bring about certain positions being stacked. This year, most of the positional 
units are strong, but none are crazy deep.  It's an overall good draft class, one that should be very exciting to discuss and think
about during the next 90+ days!
Upcoming important NFL Draft events:  
The NFL Combine:  March 2nd thru March 5th in Indianapolis
SPEAKING OF THE COMBINE:  This event will take place March 2nd - 5th in Indianapolis.  RB/OL and Special Teams will participate on Day #1 (March 2nd),
the QB/WR/TE group will workout on March 3rd, the DL and LB group goes on March 4th, and finally the DB's will work out on March 5th.

* Draft Season to Hit Full Stride *
With the culmination of the college bowl season and news about prospects actually declaring, now starts the mad-rush that will take place between
January and the NFL Draft, which will take place April 26-28 in Dallas!  This site will once again be working very hard with and extreme amount of 
look-back at the college season while ranking players and projecting the expected results!  Gear-up, Draft Friends, this is always a fun ride!

With Draft Enthusiasm,
Doug Martz,
                                            As a reminder:  The NFL DRAFT SCHEDULE:                Where?   AT & T Stadium in Arlington, Texas
                                                                                  ROUND 1:            Thursday, April 26th      8:00 P.M. ET
                                                                                  ROUNDS 2 & 3:  Friday, April 27th            7:00 P.M. ET
                                                                                  ROUNDS 4-7:      Saturday, April 28th       Noon ET