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Relevant Updates:

   03-18-19:  Round One Mock Draft has been posted.
   I've loved the NFL 100 commercial ever since it came out at the Super Bowl.  If you're in the mood....
   view the YouTube version of this epic commercial:  YOUTUBE LINK TO NFL 100 
   03-12-19:  A full site update to rankings and projections has taken place.  This includes the offensive
   and defensive value charts and the Top 100 Rankings, which now show the "Hot 64" expected to go
   in rounds one and two.  Next mission?  Mock Draft projection, which will soon be available... 
   Check out the most popular feature
   of this site, the Offensive and Defensive
   Value Boards!
   After much research, whittling-away at the
   draft class, reading data, and self-evaluation,
   the top 345 prospects for the 2019 NFL Draft
   are now slotted and projected.

Archived Updates:
02-19-19:  MAJOR SITE UPDATE.........  Draft Value Boards and Top 100 have a major update with weeks of work
now coming to fruition.  The Value Boards have now been finalized, with minimal changes coming between now
and the NFL Draft.  The Top 100 Prospects now list the First and Second Round HOT PROSPECTS, those that should be
considered highly likely to go in those rounds.
NEXT UP:  THE NFL COMBINE.....   just around the corner! 
01-25-19:  Rankings have been edited to reflect some changes in those that have declared and not declared
for the 2019 draft. There's also been some changes in items that have been picked up on in regard to the
players competing in the East/West Shrine Game and the Reese's Senior Bowl.
01-19-19:  After the dust has settled on the declaration of underclassmen prospects (who has entered the draft and those
going back to school), the rankings and charts are now being adjusted...   Top 100 update has gone live
Value Charts are being worked on during the window of the East-West Shrine Game and Senior Bowl.
01-18-19:  Upcoming big events:  Sat. 1/19 is the East-West Shrine Game & Sat. 1/26 is the Senior Bowl.
The NFL Scouting Combine:  Friday, March 1 to Monday, March 4.
12-30-18: The process of developing rankings and ratings for the class of 2019 is well under way...
                  Too much work is to be done before many items can be updated and published,
                   but for now you can check out the Top 100 Prospects.
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With Draft Enthusiasm,
Doug Martz,
The 84TH Annual Player Selection Meeting:
As a reminder:  The NFL DRAFT SCHEDULE:               
Where?   Nashville, Tennessee
ROUND 1:            Thursday, April 25th      8:00 P.M. ET
ROUNDS 2 & 3:    Friday, April 26th           7:00 P.M. ET
ROUNDS 4-7:       Saturday, April 27th       Noon ET


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