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02/10/17 - Mock Draft Update has been loaded to the Mock Draft Page.  
02/01/17 - An ENTIRE site update has taken place with a lot of work that's taken place in the past two weeks.  The one missing ingredient, here, is the mock draft.  I hate mock drafts, at least this early in the process without fully defined roster situations on the teams.  The mock draft will get an update sometime before the end of February!
Further evaluations, greater thought, and observing the Senior Bowl and East-West Shrine game have led to a few changes and some newfound names.  One guy that I was aware of, but not completely sold on previously was Kareem Hunt, the RB of Toledo.  However, lately, he has very much become a favorite of the process I use to conclude NFL-worthiness.  Really, really like him as a 3rd Rd. RB prospect and he's now listed there.  (Offensive Value Chart / Top 100 # 90 overall).  Of the 95 underclassmen that have declared for the NFL Draft, exactly 50 have made it on to my Top 100 Board.  Here's a few thoughts on the draft class, which I'll list now because updates will go somewhat silent during the rest of February while this site waits for the NFL Combine to help finish-out the evaluation of the 2017 NFL Draft Class:
*** Most underrated Offensive Prospect:  WR John Ross, Washington.
Wouldn't be shocked if stock has risen significantly in 4-6 weeks time.
*** Most underrated Defensive Prospect:   CB Quincy Wilson, Florida.
Like Ross, I believe in my own eyes and think he's the #1 CB.  Anxious to see combine workouts w/ him.
*** Flashiest Small School Weapon:   OLB/Edge Derek Rivers, Youngstown St.
Some major, major crankiness coming off the edge.  Watch out, QB's ! (Combine "too-watch" list)
*** One Issue Holding Him Back:  RB Corey Clement, Wisconsin.
"Fumbilitis Majora."  If he could hold on to ball, feet (A+) & vision (A+) would make him a 2nd rounder.  3rd/4th instead.
*** Only QB That Actually Could Be a Star:  Deshaun Watson, Clemson.
I don't trust any of the others, but Watson could have something special.  Good team/time to develop important.
*** Cleanest/Easiest Projection:  TE O.J. Howard, Alabama.
Will be pro-bowler/top 5 TE in league... there's just no holes in his game / little to doubt.  Top 15 lock.  EASY PROJECTION!
*** Makes Defensive Coordinators' Mouth Water:  Safety Budda Baker, Washington.
So extremely dynamic, fast, aggressive.  Possibly Troy Polamalu Junior.
*** Looks Lost Award:  OT Adam Bisnowaty, Pittsburgh.
A nightmare waiting to happen at OT.  Just won't be able to handle NFL speed.  Must change to interior and work hard.
*** Flying Under the Radar Award:  WR Chris Godwin, Penn State.
Will catapult up pundits/journalists discussions... likely already a high 3rd / low 2nd round grade by scouts.
*** I Hope He Fails Award:  DL Charles Walker, Oklahoma.  Dude walked away from his team in November to "start draft preparation."  Quitter-Attitude/Poor Character Revealed.  This site ranks him as a 6th/7th rounder, but might go undrafted with that stunt.  Could have easily been Top 100... luckily, he helped the scouts complete their report.
01/22/17 - The Defensive Draft Valueboard has been loaded.  Just like the comment below about the offensive value board, there is still a lot of work to do to manipulate the prospects into place and much will change over the course of the coming weeks.
01/21/17 - The Offensive Draft Valueboard has been loaded up.  Though this is much earlier than the site typically starts posting the constantly flowing/fluid chart, I wanted to get it out there because some have been asking for it.  Much will change over the weeks with more knowledge gained on this draft class, but this is a starting point.  Defensive draftboard coming later in the weekend...
01/19/17 - An amazing 95 underclassmen prospects have declared for the NFL Draft, a whopping number that in some ways can be considered quite sad.  Often times, close to 1/3rd of the underclassmen that declare do not end up being drafted.  In this case, that would mean that 30-35 of these young men will have to hope for undrafted free agency for a ride on to an NFL roster.  The deadline (16th of January) has now passed and this number of 95 will hold firm going forward.  After considering recent news and continuing to evaluate players and considering this pool of underclassmen... the Top 100 prospects board has been updated!  This update will be considered the "pre East-West Shrine Game" update.  To see a full list of all underclassmen that have declared for the draft, Click Here.
01/12/17 -  After monitoring the decisions of collegiate underclassmen and their intentions on declaring for the draft or going back to school, the rankings of the Top 100 draft board have been updated accordingly.   This draft class is shaping up to be a most talented one and it should be remarkable fun to see these athletes work out at the annual Combine in Indianapolis during the first week of March.  What positions seem to be stacked within the range of the top 100-150 prospects?  Cornerback, Tight End, Safety, and Edge-Rushers are the top positions.  Running back finishes in a close 5th place, just outside that group of top gems.  The QB's, OT, and DL are generally weak this year, while the interior offensive line and linebackers are yet to be fully defined by this site, as there needs to be a lot more analysis of their abilities with the Combine and lead-up to the draft.  The wide receiver position is another one that is hard to describe thus far.  It has a nice balance at the top with prospects Corey Davis (my #1 WR), and Mike Williams/John Ross/Juju Smith-Schuster, followed by a group of another 8 or 9 that can fit into the top 100 of the draft, but there's a lot of work to be done to separate these prospects.  Many of them are good at one thing (routes or hands or speed), while having deficiency in other areas.
12/30/16 -  The New Year's Top 100 Prospects list has been posted.  This site is still working off a list of over 600 potential prospects and a culmination of notes and summer/fall ideas that became apparent while studying the potential 2017 draft class.  Much will change as the various steps of the process proceed such as those underclassmen that do and do not declare for the draft, the fall-out from remarkable one-on-one matchups in the bowl games, the annual NFL Combine from Indianapolis, and of course the various breaking news that comes out during the next 100+ days.  Stay tuned.... DraftBoardGuru.com expects to once again provide the most accurate draftboard projections that can be found anywhere on the internet.  We stay below the radar and are never talked about, never publicized or given attention to... but that's the way we like it.  We will be seen and not heard here at DraftBoardGuru.com



Annual NFL Scouting Combine:  March 2nd to March 5th (daytime)
Draft:  April 27, 28 & 29 (from Philadelphia, PA this year)
With Draft Enthusiasm,
Doug Martz,
                                            As a reminder:  The NFL DRAFT SCHEDULE:                Where?    Philadelphia, PA
                                              Round 1:  Thursday, April 27th - 8:00 PM
                                              Round 2/3:  Friday, April 28th - 7:00 PM                                   Television Coverage:  NFL Network, ESPN & ESPN 2
                                              Rounds 4-7:  Saturday, April 29th - Noon