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This site cares more about the NFL Draft, but with playoff games coming up before the next vital steps of the draft process (East-West Shrine Game and
Senior Bowl), here's this sites playoff predictions:
AFC Wildcard:  #5 Seed Wildcard Titans over #4 Seed Chiefs *upset*  and #3 Seed Jaguars over the #6 seed Bills
NFC Wildcard: #3 Seed Rams over #6 Seed Falcons and #4 Seed Saints over #5 Seed Panthers
Divisional Projections:  
AFC:  #1 Seed Patriots over #5 Seed Titans and #2 Seed Steelers over #3 Seed Jaguars
NFC:  #4 Seed Saints over #1 Seed Eagles and #3 Seed Rams over #2 Seed Vikings
AFC Championship:  #2 Steelers over #1 Patriots
NFC Championship: #4 Saints over #3 Rams
SuperbowlPittsburgh Steelers defeat New Orleans Saints
Superbowl MVP:  Le'Veon Bell.  3 touchdowns (2 rushing/1 receiving) and 200 total yards
Special Note:  Yes, the projections have bias involved, unlike the NFL Draft process around here.  The Steelers are the fan-favorite of DraftBoardGuru.com.  But, there's a special feeling about this
team for this year.  The AFC should come down to the Patriots or Steelers, and I kind of like the Steelers chance with a chip on their shoulder while going to Foxboro.  The NFC is tremendously wide-open
with any of the 6 teams having a chance to make the big dance.
01-06-18Upcoming important NFL Draft events:  
East-West Shrine Game:  Saturday, January 20 at 3:00 PM
Reese's Senior Bowl Game:  Saturday, January 27 at 2:30 PM
The NFL Combine:  March 2nd thru March 5th in Indianapolis
01-02-18:  A "top 10" Mock Draft Projection has been posted to the Mock Draft Page.  It's too early to go too far deeper, because this site strives for
accuracy, not blasphemy!  While the process of whittling the draft class into shape is just underway, this top portion of the draft can be looked-at in 
a semi-accurate way, but so much has yet to take place with slotting the players into rounds and reviewing their collegiate career as well as the nuggets
and work-out numbers that occur at the NFL Combine.
SPEAKING OF THE COMBINE:  This event will take place March 2nd - 5th in Indianapolis.  RB/OL and Special Teams will participate on Day #1 (March 2nd),
the QB/WR/TE group will workout on March 3rd, the DL and LB group goes on March 4th, and finally the DB's will work out on March 5th.
12-23-17:   In this Holiday Season update, more is known about what underclassmen prospects might declare for the draft, so more substance
is able to be put into the rankings - hence, a top 64 list to cover the first two rounds of the 2018 NFL Draft.
* Draft Season to Hit Full Stride *
With the culmination of the college bowl season and news about prospects actually declaring, now starts the mad-rush that will take place between
January and the NFL Draft, which will take place April 26-28 in Dallas!  This site will once again be working very hard with and extreme amount of 
look-back at the college season while ranking players and projecting the expected results!  Gear-up, Draft Friends, this is always a fun ride!

With Draft Enthusiasm,
Doug Martz,
                                            As a reminder:  The NFL DRAFT SCHEDULE:                Where?   AT & T Stadium in Arlington, Texas
                                                                                  ROUND 1:            Thursday, April 26th      8:00 P.M. ET
                                                                                  ROUNDS 2 & 3:  Friday, April 27th            7:00 P.M. ET
                                                                                  ROUNDS 4-7:      Saturday, April 28th       Noon ET