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4/26/23:  Mock Draft (final) is updated

Final Updates have gone LIVE for the
Top 100 & Value-Boards...
To download these as one PDF ---> CLICK HERE

Previous Announcements:


** Final Top 100 will post here late Tuesday night.

There will be a PDF of Rankings/Value-Boards.

Mock Draft will post on Wednesday evening.

Enjoy the draft, friends.
- Doug

04/12/23 Update:
Top 100 & Offensive/Defensive
Value-Boards Update w/ 350 Prospects Slotted

Most recent update: 04/07/23
Mock Draft Projection Update

Most recent update: 04/03/23
Top 100 & Offensive/Defensive
Value-Boards Update w/ 345 Prospects Slotted

03/22/23 - Top 100 & Value-Boards Update

03/12/23 - Early March Update, Top 100 & Value-Boards

02/20/23 - February Update of the Top 100 Prospects

02/19/23 - February Update of the Value-Boards

When is the 2023 NFL Draft?
The draft is scheduled to be held April 27th through 29th in Kansas City

What is the layout of the 2023 NFL Draft?
Round 1:  Thursday, April 27th  -  Primetime
Rounds 2 & 3:  Friday, April 28th  - Primetime
Rounds 4-7:  Saturday, April 29th  (12:00 PM start time)

Who owns the top 5 selections in the 2023 NFL Draft?
The Carolina Panthers have acquired the 1st overall selection.
#1:  Carolina Panthers (via Chicago)... so it's a QB, but which one?  Time will tell.
#2:  Houston Texans (3-13-1 record)... looking for a QB and will get one, but after the Carolina trade,
not necessarily the one they most covet. This site encourages these teams to shoot for the stars w/ Richardson.
#3:  Arizona Cardinals (4-13 record)... Sitting pretty - will end up with the top defensive player.
#4:  Indianapolis Colts (4-12-1 record)... another QB-needy team - move up to 3 to block others from moving up?
#5:  Seattle Seahawks (fr. Denver w/ 5-12 record)... Nice spot to be in... a lock to get 2nd best defensive player?


Best site to visit for all things draft?
Easy answer - it's The Huddle Report, building the best draft interactions and community since 2001

Friend of this site?
Those guys over at NFL Rough Draft, Mike and Ray, have been great friends
of this site over the years.  They do a remarkable job with their coverage...
Oh, and they have this thing called spot-on accuracy on projections